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My Body
is Distant

A true story of transition, critical illness, and being virtually happy

My Body
is Distant

Published by ECW Press - Fall 2023

While some trans women explore their identity in their mother’s closet, Paige designed hers in character creation.

MY BODY IS DISTANT is a memoir that immerses the reader in virtual worlds. Part trans coming out story and part queer romance, Paige Maylott lures us into immersive fantasy worlds and back out, challenging the reader’s perception of reality.


"This author's literary descriptors have the ability to evoke palpable senses, where the reader can smell the environment, feel the textures and see the lighting, without ever making reference to them in the passage. Their storytelling dips into and out of a collection of genres without creating confusion or leaving the reader without a solid foundation to carry the story through. Part memoir, part fantastic fiction and overall a very enjoyable and inspiring read.  Paige Maylott is a skilled writer offering a balanced yet engaging story of truth, bravery and honest disclosure."

Janet Rogers - Mabel Pugh Taylor Writer in Residence 2020/21

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About the Author

Paige Maylott is a Canadian novelist, gamer, and lover of alternate realities. She is the author of the novel, MY BODY IS DISTANT, a memoir of digital identity creation, transition, and critical illness. She lives in Hamilton, Ontario, with her family, where she collects rabbit paraphernalia, retro games of the 80s and 90s, and is surrounded by an adorable, but demanding, menagerie of furry friends.



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